For Sarah and Nick, before their first anniversary…

Sarah and Nick were married in October, 2016, in a lovely ceremony in Lancaster, PA.  They said they liked darker colors, so I tried to honor that, as well as Sarah’s vibrant personality and Nick’s passion and compassion.

It is currently on its way to Delaware to keep them cozy this fall.


Quilt 3

The assignment was to take a traditional block and play with it/modernize it, so here it is.  This one is a little too long/too skinny right now, but is currently unquilted so I will play with the proportions before I move on.

Quilt 2

Quilt top 2…  Improv which is a pretty good way to use up a lot of scraps from other quilts that are sitting in a box on the floor.  And now I’ll know to match up the cross strips even though “scrappy” is valued.wolf_reefstrings_quilttop_lesson2

Then it was really late and I had some extra fabric on the table so made a little piece – 15″ x 20″ more or less… I like it better!wolf_colorsquare-lesson2

Dream City

December 2016

A couple of Christmas presents I just finished.  The first is for Dan to hang up at work.  The  boats are for Dad.  Each is about 8″ x 12″ with rings for hanging on the back.  Big quilts sitting upstairs that need to be sandwiched then quilted; a little distraction seemed to be in order…  ;-]