New pics of old stuff

I made two quilts of the sun using  a backing of black velvet. Again, no patterns but I like the results and they certain brighten up the bedroom.

Sun rays:fullsizeoutput_12c7fullsizeoutput_12c6

And the sun through a UV filter. Had fun with the solar flares!


Finally done! Beka & Joel’s quilt

Well, just two years after the wedding, but done and sent off today.

Front of quiltfullsizeoutput_12c2

Detail of backfullsizeoutput_12bf

Close up of some of those mountainsfullsizeoutput_12c3


The sun rising over the mountains… fullsizeoutput_12c5

Lessons learned:

  1. Using a pattern makes piecing a lot faster than making it up as you go along.
  2. Triangles always have a bias side, so take care pressing them.
  3. Queen-sized quilts made with zillions of individual panels take a long time to make – and fitting those panels together takes longer.
  4. It is possible to quilt up on a regular machine – and horizontal lines are definitely the way to go.
  5. If you have miles of hand stitching for the border, using your own dyed fabric makes it more enjoyable…

Some summer sewing

I have been doing some summer sewing – and don’t want to match another anything for a while!

The skirt was easy:IMG_0322

And there weren’t too many corners that were a pain for the quilt top (now to get the backing made and it quilted…)IMG_0330

However, lining up all the seams of this plaid was a little bit trickier…  Hope it looks good on her!


For Ryan and Natalie – “Live! Laugh! Love”

Hey, only two days after the wedding…  This one is a lap quilt, about 55″ square. She likes pink and gold and he likes red – so the stitching is all in red and there is pink all over. Gold and quilts just don’t seem to work quite right to me, but there is a little yellow peeking through.


(Beka and Joel, I promise I am working on yours in bits and pieces every day. It seems to grow every time I put it under the needle!)

A busy few weeks

So I got some sewing done for R’s birthday – and clearly need to alter that skirt to accommodate the Parkour figure…61699828_10218879116236474_1607522330936868864_o

And… our great-nephew (!!!) just graduated from high school so this

AND I found out that Tiko’s baby is due in August – and I only had a day to get this done so it could travel to the Republic of Georgia via FPSPI…